Featured Services

Fascial Stretching


Fascial Stretching is designed to increase the flexibility and pliability of the fascia via lengthening stretches. Fascia is the connective tissue that surrounds all structures of the body and can thicken and shorten with stress, poor posture, lack of exercise, injury or over training. The therapy is performed by the therapist moving the clients body,  while reclined on a stretch table.  It gently lengthens the body to improve  posture, performance and reduces overuse issues.

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Clinical Aromatherapy


At Essential Balance we recommend therapeutic essential oils to improve daily living and wellness.

Kimberly offers the raindrop technique and Neuro-Auricular Technique (NAT). 

NAT is the use of an auricular probe to apply oils along the occipital ridge (base of the skull) and cervical vertebrae of the spine (back of neck). 

Raindrop technique is the application of therapeutic grade essential oils to various parts of the body. *It may reduce inflammation, relax muscles, relieve body and joint discomfort, balance energy, lift the spirit, support the immune system, restore calm and increase the ability to concentrate.*

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Crystal Healing


Crystals work to move, absorb, focus and redirect energy in both the physical and emotional bodies.  These sessions are customized to balance and harmonize how energy flows through your body.  Balancing your energy can help the  body recover from physical and emotional stress.

Educational Seminars


We love educating and empowering our clients in many different areas of wellness. Former topics have included essential oils, nutrition, crystals, detoxification, couple's stretching, and much more! 

Personal Training


Mike's personal training sessions are customized to each individual.  He uses functional exercises to improve your recovery from overuse and physical stress.  He can help you gain strength to improve sports performance and/or daily living.